Terms & Conditions

These general terms and conditions apply to the contract between you and the owner.


With your verbal or written (including e-mail) reservation you are entering into a contract with the owner to rent the desired property. From this moment on, the rights and obligations of the contract, as well as the contract conditions presented in this document, enter into effect for you and the owner. The booking confirmation can be obtained directly from the website. The payment or the instalment needs to be settled before the due date. In the event that no payment is made within this time period, the owner or the agency reserves the right that the unconditional disposal of the property reverts back to the owner.

Rental Prices

If not noted otherwise, the published prices are to be understood as prices for one full week, and are in effect for the entirety of the rental period.

Not included in the rental price is additional cleaning if desired, additional bed linen change and additional towel change. In some cases the final cleaning, air condition and wifi internet is not included. When such cost are incurred, they will be listed for the particular rental.

These services have to be requested separately from the owner. As a general rule, the minimal rental time is 7 days. Arrival and departure day is always Saturday. Individual arrangements are possible via written agreement.

Cancellation Fees

In case of cancellation of the contract, you will be charged the following cancellation fees:

  • Up to 35 days before beginning of rental period, 20% of the rental price.
  • 7 to 34 days before beginning of rental period, 60% of the rental price.
  • 1 to 6 days before beginning of rental period, the total amount is due.

The effective date is the receipt of your cancellation notice by the owner (in case of receipt during Sundays or holidays, the next business day represents the effective date.) If you accept the rental property belatedly or not at all, the entirety of the rental price is due.

The property descriptions and price calculations are executed with the utmost care. Nevertheless, we cannot entirely preclude changes in services and/or changes in prices. The information provided on the booking confirmation is valid. Changes in services after the signing of the contract are unlikely, but cannot be out ruled entirely. In case of a substantial change in one of the articles of contract, you have the right withdraw from the contract without cost to you within 5 days of notification. Payments that are already made at that point will be reimbursed promptly.

Arrival and Departure, Shortening or Extending Stay

After the payment is received, you will be sent the documents and a voucher that names you as the entitled tenant of the rental property. You must present the voucher to the caretaker or person in charge of the keys upon arrival. As a general rule, arrival and departure must occur between the time provided in the travel documents. It is not possible to check-in earlier, because the house will be cleaned and maintained in the meantime. In the event that your arrival is scheduled for later than 7 pm, the caretaker, or person in charge of the keys, needs to be informed beforehand. (You will receive the contact information for the caretaker as part of your travel documents). If you cannot arrive to the rental property as agreed, be it because of increased traffic, strikes, or for personal reasons for example, you are still liable for the entirety of the rental price. The same goes for early departure. If you would like to extend your stay or an earlier departure, please inform the owner early on. In case there is not something else agreed, the property and key handover will be at (11 AM) 11 o’clock. A travel insurance is advisable.

Dissolution of Contract by the Owner

The owner is entitled to dissolve the contract before or during the rental period, if unforeseeable or unavoidable circumstances prevent the handing over of the rental property; the tenants are jeopardizing the rental property, or are interfering with the provision of services to a degree that the completion of the contract is no longer reasonable. Payments already made will be reimbursed with possible deductions due to services already rendered.


Upon receiving the key, you are required to make a security deposit in the amount of 500 EUR, paid in cash to the caretaker. If the security deposit is not paid, the handing over of the rental property can be refused.


The rental property can only be occupied with the designated number of people (including children and infants). Additional people can be refused by the caretaker, or can be subject to additional charges. Pets are not allowed and will not be tolerated by the owner on the entirety of the property.

Additional responsibilities of the tenant

The rental property is to be used with care. This includes consideration for neighbours, etc. Cleaning of the kitchen furnishings, dishes and silverware is the responsibility of the tenant (and not included in the final cleaning). In the event that the tenant or one of the occupants causes damage to the property, the caretaker is to be informed immediately. The tenant is liable for all damage caused by him or one of the occupants, unless it can be proven that neither bears any fault. The same applies if the apartment cannot be handed over to the next tenant. Damages can be deducted from the security deposit. In case the amount exceeds the deposit additional charges may be incurred. Lastly, the night’s rest between 10 PM (22.00 o’clock) and 7 PM (7 o’clock) must be observed.

Reclamation, Restitution of Damages

In case the rental property is not in conditions consistent with the contract or causes harm, the owner must be informed immediately. If visible or noticeable deficiencies are not reported immediately after occupancy of the rental property, it is assumed that the rental property is free from deficiencies. In case of deficiencies that appear during the course of the rental period, the same rules apply. Neither the caretaker nor possible booking agencies are entitled to accede to demands. Any reclamations or demands for restitution need to be submitted in writing within four weeks of the contractual end of the rental period to the booking agency and need to be accompanied by the necessary proofs (i.e. Photographs or the acknowledgement of the caretaker or local agency). To the degree that you are not complying with the above rules, you are forgoing all rights to restitution.

Owner’s Liability

In case the rental property is not in the condition consistent with the contract, the owner will endeavour to provide you with an equivalent substitute property. In case this is not possible within a reasonable time period, or if you refuse the substitute property on valid grounds, the owner will compensate you with the reduced portion of price if he bears responsibility. Should you suffer harm due to breach of contract because of culpability on the part of the owner, he is liable. Legal liability for damages other than harm of persons (i.e. material damage or financial damage) is limited to the rental price (whereas the demands of all concerned parties are added together).In the case of applicability of international treaties or national laws towards contractual duties on the part of the owner, which further limit or prevent his liability, these treaties or laws apply. If the damage can be traced to the following causes, the owner is not liable:

  • Actions or omissions on your part or that of one of your co-occupants;
  • Unforeseeable or unavoidable neglect on the part of third persons, not subject to the provision of services under the terms of contract;
  • Natural disasters or ‘force majeure’, or events that neither the owner, nor the intermediary or auxiliary personnel (i.e. the caretaker) could foresee or prevent inspite of all due caution.
  • Use of the swimming pool, BBQ or other facilities;
  • Damages and losses in case of burglary. These regulations pertain analogously to non-contractual liability.

Liability for auxiliary personnel is expressly excluded. International treaties and national laws with further limitations on the liability have priority.

Statute of Limitations

Restitution demands against the owner, contractual entitlements excluded, expire within one year. The statutory period of limitation begins the day following the last day of the rental period.

Contract and Choice of Law and Jurisdiction

The contractual relationship between you and the owner is subject to Croatian law. The client can sue the owner only in Labin. The owner can sue the client in the latter’s legal residence or in Labin. This contract is force as soon as the down payment with its assigned booking number is been made.